Alone & Broken (Acoustic)

SABINA - Alone & Broken (Acoustic)

Текст песни

Sorrow is the only thing inside
Never thought I’d lose my smile
And it’s really hard to believe
So painful to see what has happened to me
He’d been my all my sunshine
She’d been my closest friend
And then the story came to an end
Trying to hide their passion
Were stringing me along
Till once I came to him and saw...

And now alone and broken
I try to hide my pain inside
Nothing can make me happy
Nothing can make me smile
But I’ll get over it and I’ll find someone
Who’ll get my tears to dry
And all these feelings
Suddenly disappear
Forever disappear

Memories, oh the memories will cut
There’ll be two scars on my heart
And it’s still so hard to believe
That life that I lived
Was a sham and deceit
He’d been my all my sunshine
The only one for me
I thought he felt the same
But seems I was wrong
And she knew all about it
And calling me her friend
She led our story to the end